2 is better than 1



1 + 1 = 2. And 2 of something is usually better than 1 right? In the case of exercising, statistically, that’s correct.

Tons of research concludes that those who exercised with a friend:

  • Were more likely to continue exercising
  • Worked harder during exercise sessions (more calories burned)
  • Enjoyed exercise more.  With those amazing outcomes, it’s astounding that there are still LONE RANGERS exercising.

“The book of Ecclesiastes says that 2 is better than 1.” This was spoken out of the mouth of Pastor Rod Hairston, who was answering a question regarding practically growing in your faith.  I went ahead and incorporated that principle into every area of my life. MAN has it done wonders.  Upon getting a workout partner and bringing him alongside of me (yes, even trainers need workout partners) I have gotten back to working out hard at least 4-5 days a week, and enjoying the benefits of it.

The best part is, I’ve called a brother to walk alongside of me in keeping me accountable to taking time to be before The Lord. I can say that I feel the strongest spiritually than I’ve felt since 2009.

There are so many benefits to living life beside someone, and calling them to walk with you in different areas of your life. I haven’t even mentioned all of the blessings that come alongside of having a wife to walk beside you.

But I CHALLENGE YOU, ESPECIALLY in the areas where you struggle to be disciplined, to call someone to walk alongside you. Whether this is in healthy eating, exercising, studying, praying, reading the Word, spending time with Jesus, or your  spouse. IT REALLY WORKS, God’s Word is RELEVANT & ALIVE.


2 is better than 1

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